How do I register?

Registration/Enrollment form will appear once you add the registration fee to your order or you can fill out the Registration Form, Enrollment Form, Health & Medical Form and Physical form from a doctor. These forms are available on our website. After you have completed the forms, you can return them to us by e-mail to  Next, continue to enrollment page make a payment through our store by PayPal or contact us to pay electronically or to schedule a time to pay in person.  The "Doctor's Form" must be filled out by your child's physician and may be turned in on the first day of the after school program. The Registration Fee covers administrative costs and set-up.

What's the atmosphere at NuGen?

NuGen is a friendly and warm environment, ran by experienced and vibrant counselors. We are a structured program in order to provide the best safety for your child. This is the perfect place for every student to socialize and unwind after a long school day.

Who are the counselors and instructors?

Counselors and Instructors are DOE licensed teachers and staff, qualified professionals and highly recommended individuals with years of childcare experience. All of our staff members are trained to handle any situation from injuries to bullying. We take pride in who we hire and in providing excellent service for your child. 

What is a day like at NuGen?

All children are bought down by their classroom teacher to a designated meeting area. Students are given time to have snack provided by parent or guardian. They will have 45 mins - 60 Mins of Enrichment, 30 - 45 mins for to complete daily homework and then 45 mins for an end the day game or activity.